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Our Story

What was once a group of students intrigued by longevity quickly evolved into LongX, an initiative dedicated to providing the next generation with avenues to explore the depths of the longevity space. How? Rising talent is featured in our articles, courses are developed to guide those entering the field, and industry career opportunities are offered to those ready to take them. LongX is a shared space for interdisciplinary collaboration and creative exploration.

Join us on this exciting journey!

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Our Foundational Pillars

We prioritize fostering innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration, aiming for both short-term impact and long-term progress. By encouraging Xploration beyond traditional roles and fostering purpose-driven learning, we're set on re-structuring the field, by equipping future experts to drive progress.



Build community to help young enthusiasts navigate an evolving landscape through exchanging of success and failures from real experiences. Reach out to us to join our Slack community!

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Develop and incubate talent while reframing current notions on aging. Provide "Xplorers" with up-to-date resources and content. See what we're writing on our Articles page.

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Offer opportunities to systematically explore careers by working alongside industrial and academic professionals via career development kits. See how we're making this a reality in our Xplore Program.


Meet the Team

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Advisory Board

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